Tree Trimmings: 6 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Own Trees

When was the last time your tree was pruned? It’s due for a trimming if its most recent pruning was a few years ago.

Mature trees should be pruned every three to five years. Younger trees require trimming every two to three years.

Regular tree trimmings will help maintain your trees’ vigor and increase flower and fruit production. It will also improve your trees’ health and make them look more attractive.

You might be considering trimming your own trees. Let’s explore six common mistakes homeowners make during the process and how to avoid these problems.

  1. Not Using Sharp Tree Trimming Tools

A common mistake homeowners make when performing DIY tree trimming is using dull tree trimming tools. Sharp tools will make the tree-trimming process faster.

Many homeowners don’t sharpen their lawnmower blades since grass is relatively easy to trim. Dull lawnmower blades cause problems, though. They leave large grass clumps all over the lawn, requiring you to cut the grass again to make it look tidy.

This same issue applies to your tree-trimming tools. Having sharp tools is even more serious when cutting trees since trees are more dangerous and tougher to cut.

Hiring a professional tree-trimming service eliminates the need to sharpen or replace your tree-cutting tools constantly. They’ll come prepared with the right tools to complete the job efficiently and safely.

  1. Not Using the Right Pruning Technique

Another common homeowner tree trimming mistake is not using the proper technique to cut a tree. This may make your trees more susceptible to sickness.

Do you plan to use a chainsaw on a dead tree branch? Do it only if you know how to use the saw properly.

You might cut the dead branch too close to your tree trunk. This could injure your tree and produce an uneven tree bark look.

Disturbing your tree bark will throw off your landscape’s aesthetic. It may also invite pests, fungi, and diseases to your tree.

What happens if you cut a loose tree limb too far away from the trunk? You might eliminate the tree limb threat, but you may not help the tree long-term.

Hire an arborist to handle your tree trimming. They’ll know how and where to trim branches and limbs to remove hazards and help your trees recover.

  1. Poor Tree Leaves Cleanup

Yet another common mistake people make when trimming trees is not cleaning up the mess. Being messy isn’t just unattractive when you’re trimming trees. It’s dangerous.

Let’s say you don’t remove the mess trimming a tree creates. The branches, limbs, and leaves left behind on the ground could pose trip hazards. Any loose limbs or branches left in the tree could also fall and strike you or a family member, leading to severe injuries or death.

Let a tree trimming professional handle your pruning and cleanup. This will save you the hassle of doing these tasks and keep your family and guests safe.

  1. Pruning Too Much Or Not Enough

How much tree pruning is too much? Hire a professional tree trimmer to prune your trees if you don’t know the answer to this question.

Getting carried away pruning your tree with sharp tools is easy. Over-pruning may damage your trees permanently. Your goal is to eliminate dying and dead branches, not those that will keep your trees alive.

Not pruning your trees enough may prevent your trees from growing and thriving, too. You may even leave behind branches or limbs that could fall and hurt someone.

Trained arborists can tell which branches should be removed from which limbs to create healthy trees. They’ll trim your trees just enough to keep them growing and looking beautiful for years.

  1. Trimming in Bad Weather

Are you thinking about trimming your trees in stormy weather? Think again.

You might be tempted to trim a loose limb or branch when you see a storm approaching, but pruning during inclement weather is dangerous. Your trees may require some additional pruning work after the weather passes anyway. This is especially true if you last trimmed your trees a while ago.

An experienced arborist can help you maintain your trees so you don’t panic when surprise storms crop up. Consider hiring a professional tree trimming service to inspect and trim your trees in early winter or late fall. This will get your trees ready to withstand the cold and winter storms.

  1. Not Practicing Tree Trimming Safety

Not pruning trees safely is another common DIY tree trimming mistake. That’s because untrained homeowners don’t know how to perform these jobs correctly.

Tree trimming is dangerous and difficult. Arborists have dedicated time to practicing and studying tree pruning, so they know how to do it correctly and efficiently.

Professional tree trimmers are trained on safety measures and must complete continuing education to stay current. They also constantly gain access to technology designed to keep them safe.

An example of this technology is a remote-controlled tree trimmer. This device allows for cutting and controlling limbs as long as 14 inches without being too close to the tree.

These devices might also come with insulating booms. The insulation helps when cutting a tree limb that may come into contact with an overhanging power line. It’ll make the process faster and safer.

Tree trimming leads to fewer accidents when professionals handle it. This is why hiring a tree trimmer rather than doing your own pruning is a wise move.

How We Can Help With Tree Trimmings

Common mistakes people make when performing tree trimmings include not using sharp tools or the proper tree trimming techniques. Other errors include not cleaning up after pruning, which may make your yard dangerous for family members and guests.

Homeowners may also prune their trees too much, making them susceptible to permanent damage. Additional tree trimming mistakes include cutting trees in bad weather and not pruning trees safely.

We can handle your tree trimming at Tree-Line Arbor Care. Our other services range from tree removal to stump grinding, lot clearing, and emergency services.

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