How to Know When it’s Time to Cut a Tree Down

Did you know your yard’s trees can improve your quality of life?


Research shows that individuals who live along streets featuring many trees are more likely to feel healthier — even seven years younger than their actual ages.


However, sometimes cutting trees down is necessary. Let’s explore when it’s time to hire a tree removal service.

Tree Removal May Be Needed After Storms

Storm damage to trees is one of the top signs you need a tree removal service. This damage may occur due to lightning, strong winds, rainstorms, or harsh winters.

Trees can sometimes recover from bad weather, but at other times, the damage may be irreparable.


The following signs indicate the need for tree removal because parts of the tree could fall on your car, or the tree could damage your home’s roof:

  • Broken branches
  • Cracked trunk
  • Exposed roots
  • Missing limbs


Damaged trees might fall on animals and people, too, so they pose a major danger.

Overgrown Tree Branches

Another sign you need tree removal is that your trees’ branches are hanging and overgrown.


These branches may break at any time and strike your roof, causing damage that may be expensive to repair.

Presence of Fungus

Yet another sign you need to remove a tree is that you see mushrooms growing on it. This fungus may indicate that the tree is slowly dying.


It’s okay for moss to cover trees, but rapid fungal growth on tree trunks is a problem requiring a tree removal service’s attention.

Dead Tree Branches

Unless you’re a tree expert, you might have a hard time determining if one of your trees is dead. The tree might still be alive but may be fighting a disease.


Fortunately, a tree service can assess the tree’s status and remove the tree if its branches are dead. A reputable tree cutter will use special equipment to safely remove the tree.

Presence of Poor Leaves

You might also need to remove trees whose leaves appear unhealthy. You can tell a tree is struggling if it has dead leaves or fewer leaves than nearby trees.


A healthy tree will shed its dead leaves and retain most of its leaves.

Rotting Tree Root and Trunk

You might also need to remove a tree if its trunk is chipped or has peeling bark. This is a sign that your tree trunk is rotting.


In addition, look for holes and dips in your lawn, as these are signs of tree root rot. If your tree root is rotting, you might also see mushrooms on the root. That’s because the decomposing root will generate nutrients to fuel other organisms’ growth.

Death of Nearby Plants

Trees may additionally need removing if they form a thick canopy.


This canopy might be excellent for shade. However, a thickly forested area may have a hard time producing undergrowth such as ferns, saplings, and grass. This problem is known as overcrowding.


In this situation, removing the trees can help preserve the health of other plants in your yard long-term.

New Sprouts Beside a Tree’s Base

Have you noticed new sprouts forming around a tree trunk in your yard? This is another sign you need a tree removal service’s help.


New sprouts might appear to be signs of new life. However, they indicate something is wrong with the tree.


That’s because a tree may produce new sprouts after it has experienced severe distress. This may be due to a life-threatening scenario such as environmental changes and excess sunlight exposure.


A tree cutter can assess your tree’s condition and remove it if it’s beyond saving.

Leaning Tree

Let’s say one of your trees is leaning. You might need to hire a tree service to remove it right away.


Trees may grow askew because they are stretching for solar light. In other situations, trees lean due to the stress they experience during their early growth stages.


Either way, this can cause balance problems. Tree roots do not always have enough strength to keep the trees grounded as they develop. These trees might fall if they are exposed to strong winds or covered with heavy snow, ice, or water in a storm.


A leaning tree can also experience root breakage, which means the tree may suddenly come crashing down.


Removing leaning trees with the help of a professional can keep your home and other structures on your property safe. It may also help prevent injury to family members, guests, and pets.

Roots Growing Toward the Home

Finally, you might notice underground or surface roots growing toward your house. These can cause your home or the perimeter wall to develop cracks.


This root growth may also break your home’s drainage and water pipes, which may lead to leaks.


You can tell a leak is happening if moisture is constantly on the ground in your drainage system’s area.

How We Can Help With Cutting Trees Down

Cutting trees down in your yard might be necessary if a weather event has damaged them. In addition, you may need to hire a tree removal service if your trees’ branches are overgrown or dead. You may also need to cut a tree down if the tree root and trunk are rotting.


At Tree-Line Arbor Care, LLC, we take pride in offering high-quality tree removal and pruning services. We can also help with emergency and storm services, land clearing, and stump grinding.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and get a free estimate today!