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How Much Does Cutting Down A Tree Cost? A Guide to Tree Removals

At Tree-line Arbor Care, tree removal cost is one of our top questions from our customers. We understand the importance of knowing how much something will cost, and it is no surprise that price is a determining factor in most business transactions across the globe. In fact, approximately 85% of customers factor the price into consideration when deciding where to shop.

For tree removal, “How much?” is not a simple question to answer. So to help you understand the process, we’ve outlined the top factors we consider when determining pricing.

Is There a Single Standard Price Model for Tree Removal?

When it comes to tree removal there is no exact price model that fits with every project. If you’ve been given an exact price for any tree by a removal company, chances are they are not experienced at doing the job properly. When it comes to tree removal, every single job is different and has to be priced accordingly, and the best way to determine price is by obtaining a reliable quote. This ensures that the company you’re working with is able to assess the specific nature of your job. There are various tree removal factors that contribute towards the total price point. Now that you know there’s never a standard price, let’s look at the primary factors.

Factors in the Cost of Having a Tree Removed

The Size of a Tree

The first major factor in the cost of tree removal is the size of the tree. As you might imagine, chopping down a small apple tree in your back garden will be cheaper than calling for the removal of an ancient oak. This is because large tree removal is a more labor-intensive process. The larger the tree, the more tools may be involved in order to remove it. This is to avoid a tree falling and damaging the surrounding area – more on that later. Particularly large trees might also require specialist equipment like cranes. These are used to ensure the felled tree can be transported and disposed of safely. Make sure you figure out what kind of tree you’re looking to remove, and how large it is when you ask about the price.

The Location and Surroundings

The other major factor to consider when discussing tree removal pricing is the location of the tree.
As we mentioned before, you’ll be paying a different price point if the tree is in your garden, compared with a tree in a dense forest. The issue is simple accessibility. A tree in a forest can be more challenging to get to and to remove without damaging other trees in the area. If it’s in your garden, the questions might be: how large is your garden, or is the tree is near a dwelling or notable power lines. The more obstacles you have, the risk of removal becomes greater.

If the tree has already fallen and needs removing, this will also affect the price. This would mean that it obviously doesn’t need felling, but still needs transporting from its location. Tree removal is a complex talent that requires years of training and expertise to perform safely. This is why assessing the surrounding area is crucial.

The Nature of the Job

Finally, the final price point will depend on the complexity of the project in relation to the tree itself. A tree with a larger total diameter will require more effort to fell than a smaller tree, but there are other factors that impact the job in addition to the size. One of these includes any additional jobs that need completing in addition to the removal of the tree. For example, will you require the stump to be removed following the removal of the tree? This is an additional project with its own complexities, and will therefore usually incur an additional cost.

For some tree removals, you might not even be looking to remove the entire tree. You might instead be looking for tree trimming services, to prevent branches from getting in the way of other things in the area. An experienced tree removal service will always take the nature of the job into account when creating a price point. This will usually calculate the total time of a job, as well as the manpower required to complete it safely. The required equipment for each tree removal is also important. A job that needs a crane or more advanced equipment will always be more expensive than a smaller project.

What’s the Best Way of Calculating the Cost of Tree Removal?

The best way to calculate the cost of tree removal is to contact a reputable tree removal company. You should check recent reviews to ensure any removal company you’re contacting knows what they’re doing.
Obtaining a quote specific to your job is the only way to ensure you’re paying the right amount for the removal you need. A tree removal company will assess the above factors, and potentially others, in relation to your proposed project. They will then discuss the job in detail, accurately and fairly, to ensure you’re aware of the costs at every step of the process.

Where Can I Find Out More About Tree Removals?

If you need a tree removed or trimmed, make sure to contact us directly for a free estimation. Call to schedule a tree removal and our team will always factor in the requirements of your specific job to provide the best price point for you.